Our Charity

When Maris Stella OBA UK was founded back in year 2000. Charitable projects have always taken a higher priority within the membership. In over 20 years of operations OBA has participated in various charitable activities and projects. 

The early years, MSC OBA UK was a supporter for college organised charitable projects. But in recent years, OBA has taken a specific charity agenda of it’s own. As a reputed OBA, the membership always keen to take extra measures to maintain transparency and strict accountability on it’s charity fund’s income and expenditure. Therefore a charity committee and a separated charity bank account was setup.

Charity Funds

The funding for the charities are mainly raised through OBA’s members, families, friends and connected sponsors.

In addition, the membership has taken a decision to allocate a generous percentage of their annual income towards these charitable projects.

Further in 2021 AGM, OBA decided to initiate an annual fund raiser event in order to provide greater and continuous support for their future charity projects

Latest was in July 2021, when OBA participated in London-Cambridge bike ride to raise funds.  Participants rode 100km journey from London to Cambridge, while some join the team by taking the challenge virtually on home exercise kits.

Team successfully completed the challenge and altogether raised over £3k for OBA’s charity fund.

Brief history of our charity projects…..

2021 – Arunodhaya Fundation – Wennappuwa Sri Lanka

Arunodaya foundation is a registered charity in SriLanka. The foundation has been set up to look after challenged children who are Mentally and Physically difficulties. It runs two separate homes for 37 girls (in Waikkala) and 20 boys (in Bangadeniya). Both care homes solely depend on donors, religious institutions and well-wishers. 

These homes have been severely impacted by the current pandemic and it’s lockdowns. They seriously need funds to keep their homes running in these adverse economic conditions

MSC OBA UK took the initiative to fund the cost for a new generator, a deep-freezer, and an oven for the Arunodhaya foundation. In addition the membership also provided dry food parcels for both homes

2021 – Support to a cancer patient in Sri Lanka

A humble request to the OBA from the college’s 1992 batch was honoured by our members  that carried out their own collection to support relevant medication for this patient.

2021 – Support to a college student


An another much needed to request from school principal to the mebership. A year 6 college student had been diagnose with leukemia and OBA members organised an own contribution to support this much needed situation.

2020 –  Support to a cancer patient in Sri Lanka

A kind request to the OBA from our own 2011 batch. One of their own member was in much needed medical care and urgent fund request to support his medical treatments. Despite pandemic difficulties, our membership decided to collect and contribute their own funds for this good cause.

2020 –  Nivithigala  – food parcel distribution

Pandemic difficulties made no exceptions to rural  parts of Sri Lanka. Due to existing lockdown restriction, the daily wage earners found it very hard to support their families with basic food requirements. With the help of the local church the OBA took the initiative to organise and distribute 75 dry food parcels to much needed families in Nivithigala.

2019 – School project  – Labunoruwa  Anaradhapura.

Labunoruwa Primary School educates about 50 children with limited resources. The school is located in a part of rural Anuradhapura. Families heavily relied on success of local farming harvest to support their children and their education.

OBA took the initiative to organise a charity project providing school gear for all 50 children taking away that heavy burden from their parents. 

This include writing books, pencil cases, colouring kits, uniforms, school bags and shoes. furthermore, school was provided with a much needed photocopier machine and sport activity kits including cricket bats, balls and footballs.

As a part of this project the OBA also provided dry food parcels for all 50 children’s families.

2017 – Para Olympic Wheel-Chairs to SL Army.

OBA donated two para olympic wheel chairs to Sri Lanka army sport association to fullfill their dream of representing an international event.

2014 – Contribution to School Building

2013 – Sponsorship to College athletic Team outfit  

2012 – Sponsorship to ten under privileged college students.